Banded Tuition

Banded tuition is defined as charging a single-tuition rate for enrollment within a specific range of credits. Banded tuition is designed to help students graduate on time (in four years) and reduce the cost of their education.

Effective Fall 2016, undergraduates students enrolled at all Indiana University campuses will pay one rate for their basic tuition when taking between 12 credits and 18 credits. Students who enroll in fewer than 12 hours will continue to pay the per credit hour rate for tuition. Students enrolled in 19 or more credit hours will pay the banded tuition rate up to 18 credit hours plus the per credit tuition rate for each credit over 18. The banded tuition rate will be different for in-state and out-of-state residents.

Banded tuition is sometimes known as “flat-rate” tuition has been in place at Indiana University Bloomington for more than 20 years. It is also in place at other institutions in the state, including Purdue-West Lafayette, Ball State University, and Indiana State University.

In an effort to increase the number of students who successfully complete undergraduate degrees and to do so in on-time (4-year) basis, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education passed a resolution in August 2014 that encouraged the state’s public colleges and universities to adopt a banded tuition model. Indiana University committed to working with the commission at that time to set banded tuition rates for IUPUI and IU’s regional campuses by the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.

Students who are enrolled in on-campus degree programs can include online courses in the 12-18 credit tuition band. Students who are enrolled in online degree programs pay for courses by the credit hour and are not eligible to pay the banded tuition rate. For more information concerning online degree programs, you may access the IU Distance Education Fee Policy.

Benefits of Banded Tuition

Advantages for students

  • Banded tuition makes the cost of attendance more predictable and understandable.
  • Banded tuition helps students and families plan better financially, knowing tuition rates for full-time enrollment in advance.
  • By enrolling in 15+ credits a semester, degree maps that outline the four-year path to a degree on a semester-by-semester basis are easier to understand and follow.

Enhanced Academic Flexibility and Faster Time to Degree

  • Banded tuition rates allow full-time undergraduate students to take more credit hours each fall and spring semesters and not be charged an additional amount.
  • Banded tuition permits students to explore an area of interest by allowing them to enroll in a course without having to worry about the additional cost of the added course.
  • Students who take advantage of banded tuition and enroll in 15 or more credits per semester will graduate in four years, which eliminates the additional expenses of a fifth or sixth year of college.

Long-Term Cost Savings

  • On time graduation means a reduction in room, board, transportation and other college-related expenses for students and their families, and may also reduce student loan debt.
  • On-time graduation will allow students to move into the job market sooner. Earlier entry into the market could result in earning one or two years of additional income over the span of a career.
  • Students who accelerate their programs and take more than 15 credit hours each semester have the opportunity to pursue a minor or certificate at no additional cost.

How the Campus Provides Support

  • Staff at each campus are prepared to help students determine how to optimize ways to finance their education and keep loan debt under tighter control.
  • Additional information is available in the Frequently Asked Questions section below.

Additional Details

  • Part-time undergraduate students enrolled in 1 to 11 credit hours will be charged tuition on a per credit hour basis. Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 to 18 hours will be charged a flat rate based on the current 15 credit hour rate for tuition. Undergraduate students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be charged the banded tuition rate up to 18 hours PLUS a per credit hour rate for any hours over 18.
  • Banded tuition rates do not apply to graduate degree programs or professional degree programs.