To be eligible for a free course, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. You have followed your degree map in each prior semester, meaning you completed the prescribed courses or satisfied the prescribed electives in the semester they were mapped.
  2. You were unable to register for a course mapped for the current semester because it is:
    -Not offered
    -Offered only at the same time as another mapped course for which no alternative sections were open
    -Full and you were not placed in the class from the waitlist
  3. You attempted to register for the course during the published priority registration. For Indiana University, the priority registration period begins with your scheduled registration appointment in OneStart plus seven days (including weekends). Students who register after this timeframe are not eligible for the free course guarantee.
  4. You have not received a revised degree map that maps the unavailable course in a future semester while still allowing you to graduate at your scheduled time.

  5. You are within 150 percent of the standard time to complete the degree (for the baccalaureate, this equals 6 years).

A course is considered full only if all sections of the course are full, not just your preferred time slot. If an online version is available to you at any IU campus, the course is considered available to you even if you prefer a hybrid or face-to-face format. For General Education requirements with multiple course options to fulfill the requirement, all sections of all eligible options—not simply your preferred course option—must be full to claim the free course guarantee.